We're moving

Image of the koordinates.com website displaying broadband map dataThe National Broadband Map is being upgraded and will be hosted by New Zealand geographic data company, Koordinates.com.

The transition of the National Broadband Map to the Koordinates.com platform will give users a dramatic improvement in performance and increase the ability for users to analyse data. The National Broadband Map data will remain free of charge for online use.

The new platform allows you to search, sort, bookmark and share an extensive range of geographic data sets and allows more data analysis to be undertaken of New Zealand’s broadband infrastructure and the locations of demand for services.

For the first time, users will be able to analyse the availability of broadband coverage and fibre optic networks with extensive geographic data sets, such as the LINZ Data Service.

The new platform will allow infrastructure providers to easily update their broadband coverage and fibre optic networks at any time, so that users of the National Broadband Map will have the latest information possible.

Link to the new broadband map hosted on koordinates.com Link to the old broadband map on this site